ReSound LiNX2

Hearing has never been so effortless

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ReSound Microphone-in-Helix

ReSound’s Microphone-in-Helix (MIH) custom hearing aid is a solution that meets so many of your patients’ needs. It brings together the open fit, durability and higher gain of a BTE and mixes it with the discreet, cosmetically-appealing size and easy insertion of an ITE. Engineered to fit within the contours of the external ear, the MIH works by leveraging the natural effects of the pina and external ear.


Your patients will enjoy:

  • Wind noise reduction
  • Increased word recognition  
  • Superior sound quality 
  • Direct streaming to an iPhone®, iPad® or iPod® Touch

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Super Power Smart Hearing

ReSound ENZO2 brings the next generation of Smart Hearing aids for users with severe and profound hearing loss:
  • The smallest and most powerful super power hearing aid 
  • Top-rated sound quality
  • Direct streaming of sound from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch 
  • Easy control and personalization


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If you or someone you love has a hearing loss, we're here to help. Visit our consumer website for information on hearing loss, hearing aids and how to find a hearing care professional near you.

ReSound Smart app for Apple Watch

The ReSound Smart app for Apple Watch is now available and empowers your patients to take control of their hearing experience. 

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My ReSound Online

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Tinnitus Solutions

ReSound offers a complete tinnitus solution to help you find personalized treatment for each of your tinnitus patients. 
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