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Whether you just need a refresher or are getting to know our products for the first time, ReSound eCademy makes it easy for you.The courses give you information about ReSound hearing aids, accessories, technology and fitting software. They are always available, easily viewed and can be self-navigated.

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ReSound LiNX 3D Intro

This module is an introduction to ReSound LiNX 3D, the future of Smart Hearing. It reviews the components of ReSound’s complete hearing system, including ReSound LiNX 3D hearing aids, ReSound Smart Fit fitting software, ReSound Smart 3D app and ReSound Assist remote fine-tuning feature.

Time: 09:07 min.

What’s new in ReSound Aventa 3.9

After completing this module you will have knowledge of the newest products supported in Aventa 3.9 and you will be able to navigate the newest functions in our connection flow process. You will also have the ability to locate and use new software features to enhance the fitting process. 

Time: 09:38 min.

ReSound SureFit portfolio

Introducing the new SureFit portfolio of receivers, thin tubes and domes. SureFit provides improvements over previous receivers, domes and thin tubes in several ways.

 07:32 min.

ReSound Phone Clip+

The Phone Clip+ is ReSound’s second generation phone accessory. It streams phone calls and stereo-quality music from mobile phones directly to your clients’ wireless hearing aids and doubles as a remote control.

Time: 10:41 min.

ReSound TV Streamer 2

There are even more unique benefits related to ReSound TV streamer 2 that are not on the market today. A single TV streamer 2 can send sound to multiple hearing instruments – no one else can do that. 

Time: 09:26 min. 

ReSound Mini Microphone

The ReSound Mini Microphone is a small, portable wireless clip-on microphone that transmits speech directly to your client’s hearing instruments. The Mini Microphone has a number of unique applications.

Time: 12:45 min.

ReSound Remote Control 2

The ReSound Remote Control 2 is for clients who appreciate an easy overview of their hearing instrument and accessory settings. The ReSound Remote Control 2 is more than just buttons. It puts clients in complete command at a glance.

Time: 08:59 min.

Tinnitus Manager

Welcome to the ReSound eCademy module on Smart™ app: Tinnitus Manager. In this tutorial we will review how to use the Tinnitus Manager feature in the ReSound Smart app and how it can assist in the tinnitus management you provide for your patients. The Tinnitus Manager feature in the ReSound Smart app is another tool ReSound offers for sound therapy flexibility and personalization in tinnitus management.

Time: 06:22 min.

The Tinnitus Consultation

This tutorial is designed to provide a better understanding of the benefits of a thorough consultation, and what information is important to collect during this meeting.  When performing a tinnitus consultation, it is important to be mindful of the patient’s energy, anxiety and frustration levels, so as not to overwhelm the patient too quickly.  The consultation is the first step for many people and can be exhausting and difficult for many tinnitus patients.  Understanding that each patient is unique can go a long way in successful tinnitus management.

Time: 17:39 min.

Sound Preference

In this tutorial we will review why having flexible sound therapy tools plays a role in successful tinnitus management.

Time: 08:42 min. 

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