ReSound LiNX Quattro

A brilliant sound experience

Confidence in the finer details

With access to the highest input dynamic range  116 dB SPL  and an extended frequency bandwidth, up to 9.5 kHz, the brilliant sound of ReSound LiNX Quattro is beyond compare with clearer speech, fuller sounds and a richer experience.

Clearer speech

Built on years of innovation, our pioneering technology makes it easier to clearly pick up speech without losing out on the full range of sounds in the environment.

Extensive real-world research has led to the most advanced directional technology yet – Binaural Directionality III – which gives users superior speech understanding in noisy environments and greater access to sounds in the front, sides and back. 

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A more natural sense of sound

With our Environmental Classifier, which accurately identifies complex sound environments and optimizes microphone configurations, and Spatial Sense which uses specialized algorithms to help the brain detect where sounds are coming from, your clients can easily navigate through their surrounding with a more natural and balanced sense of sound. 

Sound with virtually no limits

Our new industry-leading chip platform drives the extensive sound quality improvements in ReSound LiNX Quattro. Because of new advanced sound processing package, which utilizes the full potential of the advanced microphones, your clients can now access the full range of sounds made available.

With 100% more speed, twice the memory capacity, efficient processing and a new radio ReSound LiNX Quattro offers high performance with reduced power consumption.

116 dB SPL

Improved A/D conversion enables the industry's highest input dynamic range


50% faster sampling rate supports the new extended bandwidth


New radio improves sensitivity up to 5dB for improved ear-to-ear performance

Full and balanced across frequencies

With an extended frequency bandwidth – up to 9.5 kHz – sounds are fuller and more balanced across the frequency range. Quiet sounds are truly quiet, loud sounds are crisp and distortion-free, and sound is balanced across the extended frequency range.

Crisp, clean sounds at any level

With the highest input dynamic range in the industry – 116 dB SPL – softer sounds are audible and clear and loud sounds are distortion-free.

The table to the right shows the difference between reduced (left image) and highest range (right image).

Top-rated in blind tests

In blind listening tests, more than 400 hearing care professionals compared ReSound LiNX Quattro with another premium hearing aid of their choosing. ReSound LiNX Quattro received the following results:
  • Significantly better at locating speech in a noise background
  • 17% better on average at understanding speech from varying locations in noise
  • Significantly better at music sound quality*

* Schumacher et al, 2019

Preferred for music listening

ReSound LiNX Quattro is preferred 95% of the time for music listening, compared to other premium hearing aids*
* Jespersen et al, 2018.

Richer sound experience

From the call of the birds to the beat of a live concert, there are virtually no limits to crisp, clear sounds. The subtlety of the high notes and the nuance of the rhythm – the finer details make the entire sound environment feel more rich and vibrant.

With improved sound clarity and fullness in ReSound LiNX Quattro, your clients’ favorite environments become richer sound experiences.

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