Surround Sound by ReSound

Surround Sound by ReSound is our sound processing strategy that gives exceptional speech understanding, a better sense of where sounds are coming from and clearer, richer, more vibrant sound. We believe that emulating the performance of the natural ear results in the best hearing and the most natural sound.

Surround Sound by ReSound

We replicate the natural ear’s performance using technologies to model, clean, balance and stabilize the digitised sound.

Model: Quality in, quality out

Sound is by nature analogue, meaning that it is a continuous stream of vibrational energy. While most hearing instruments convert sound to digital, what matters is how well it’s done. By mimicking what the natural ear does in our digital input process, our output provides the most natural sound possible.

Clean: Comfort and natural sound

Cleaning the signal of unwanted noise is an important step to replicate natural hearing. This compensates for a hearing impaired person’s decreased ability to focus on sounds and tune out background noise. A clean signal makes the listening experience sound more natural, and is more comfortable. Listening becomes less tiring.

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Balance: speech understanding and natural sound

Hearing in noise is always a high priority. Although most hearing instruments use directional processing to address this, many users choose not to use it. Why? Because it because it sounds unnatural.

Part of the Surround Sound by ReSound philosophy is to create a natural perception of sound while providing directional processing. This puts the individual back in touch with as many of their wide-ranging listening situations as possible.

Stabilize: Prevent artificial noises for natural sound

Part of our surround sound strategy is to prevent / reduce unnatural hearing experiences which are the consequence of digital processing. And we do this seamlessly, without compromising sound quality and speech intelligibility.

3rd Generation 2.4 GHz technology for hearing aids

2.4 GHz is superior to conventional wireless systems for hearing aids because it allows high quality, direct audio streaming in stereo with no intermediate devices. That's why it was a technological breakthrough when we put 2.4 GHz technology in hearing aids. And why we’ve been using – and perfecting – it since 2010.

Our 2.4 GHz technology is the reason:

  • We were the first to offer accessories requiring no uncomfortable, stigmatising neck-worn devices 

  • We offered the first direct connection to Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

  • More and more people with hearing loss enjoy access to sound, communication, information and entertainment – just like everyone else

Powered by SmartRange – the fastest, most advanced wireless chip platform ever

SmartRange is our dual-core digital signal processing and wireless platform with direct 3rd generation 2.4 GHz technology. Bluetooth Smart is built right in. It's the new standard for wireless data exchange with very low power consumption. So SmartRange made ReSound LiNX™ the world's first Bluetooth Smart hearing aid. SmartRange enables:

  • Direct connection to ReSound wireless accessories with no third device

  • Wireless Ear-to-Ear processing in real time 

  • Made for iPhone hearing aids – and a whole new wireless experience for users

  • On-the-spot personalization with the ReSound Smart™ app

Apple, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc, registered in the U.S. and other countries. Bluetooth is a trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

iSolate nanotech

iSolate nanotech is an innovative nanotechnology that protects the device inside and out with a water and dust repellent coating.

It is applied to hearing aids in a vacuum chamber, ensuring that every single component of the hearing aid is protected. This process applies a polymer coating 1,000 times thinner than a human hair to all surfaces of the hearing aid. And from 2014, even the receivers are coated to maximize durability and minimize repairs.

Remote microphone design

ReSound is the first to introduce the revolutionary Remote Microphone (RM) hearing aid design – the first real innovation in custom instruments in more than 20 years. To put it short: The Remote Microphone hearing aid is smaller, has better sound quality and is much more powerful than conventional custom products.

Tinnitus treatment technology

ReSound LiNX2™ TS is a special branch of the ReSound LiNX2 hearing aid family. Selected models are equipped with an advanced tinnitus sound generator and algorithms based on audiological knowledge about tinnitus treatment.