ReSound Remote Support Audiology
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Shannon Miller, M.A., RAud.,Aud.(c)

Audiologist - Supporting: Canada
1.888.737.6863 x 242 •
Days: Monday - Friday Hours: 9 AM - 5 PM PST

Shannon Miller earned her Master’s degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences in 1997 from Washington State University. After both managing and practicing in multiple busy clinics, Shannon joined ReSound Canada in 2002 as the Western Field Training Audiologist. Over a decade later, she draws on the experiences from a variety of roles in the organization, long standing customer relationships, vast product knowledge, and her training background. Shannon will continue to support learning for her peers in her role as Canada’s first Remote SupportAudiologist.

What is Remote Support Audiology?
Pre-schedule an appointment with a Remote Support Audiologist to guarantee on-hand, professional support during your patient’s fitting or follow-up appointment. The audiologist can be on the phone with you for the entire fitting, on hold in case you have any questions, or on standby waiting for your call; the choice is yours. The time allotted will be saved for only you to use, even if no assistance is needed. We’re here to support you!

How does Remote Support Audiology differ from traditional Technical Support?
With Remote Support Audiology, the support is planned in advance and the audiologist’s time is blocked out solely to work with you during your appointment. In addition, you may choose to block off additional time for software training or a technology refresher. We understand that there can be some lag time between formal software training and your first fitting appointment. Remote Support Audiology will bridge that gap to ensure your utmost comfort with ReSound products and software so that you and your patients are completely satisfied with the fitting experience.

How can you schedule an appointment?
Please contact your designated RSA to schedule an appointment.

What happens after you schedule your appointment?
You will receive an email confirmation with the date and time of your appointment, the phone number to call and suggestions for how to maximize the time allotted to you.