Custom Hearing Solutions

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An ongoing dedication to custom products

Whether your clients are looking for a durable, discreet and/or comfortable design - ReSound has custom hearing solutions to fit their needs. ReSound custom hearing aids are robust enough to stand up to everyday challenges.

And since we are constantly evaluating and improving our custom solutions for the best and most reliable experience for your clients, the newest version of the unique ReSound Custom Product lineup is more discreet and comfortable.

More discreet than ever

Since size is the most important factor when building a great custom hearing aid, we are always striving to find ways to make these cosmetically appealing devices smaller. 

With that in mind, we’ve taken several steps to ensure that they are more discreet and comfortable than ever, so you can be confident when you deliver them to your clients.


Reimagining the manufacturing process

Creating discreet, comfortable, and personalized custom hearing aids requires advanced technology and skilled craftsmanship. But consistency is key.

All of it is meant to make your orders more efficient and ensure that all standards in size and fit are met.

Going Digital

We’ve developed a way to build custom products that can give you great results now, but we also have on an eye on the future.

ReSound custom manufacturing facilities are digital ear scan compatible, so when you take advantage of cutting-edge technology, we’ll be ready to make a great custom product from your digital file.



The manufacturing process 

To help deliver a quality custom product every time, we have created a comprehensive updated manufacturing process, including new sculpting procedures, more data gathering from builds for constant improvements, and new, advanced 3D scanning technology.

The ReSound Custom products process:

  1. Order entry
  2. Impression prep & evaluation
  3. Digital scan
  4. Audio design
  5. E-design
  6. Shell fabrication
  7. Mechanical assembly
  8. Final inspection and test

Excellent sound and great connectivity options

No compromise on sound

ReSound hearing aids feature superior sound quality, owered by pioneering features like Binaural Directionality*.

Included in ITE models with directional microphones, it ensures that the brain has the right information to take advantage of an improved signal-to-noise ratio without cutting off access to surrounding sounds.

This means that users can focus on the sounds they want to hear, but still monitor their environment.

Made for Apple and wireless streaming

ReSound Custom products are Made for Apple and compatible with the full line of ReSound wireless accessories is available in the ITC, ITE and MIH models*.
Your clients can stream audio directly to their hearing aids, as well as personalise their experience with their iPhone or Android phone and the industry-leading ReSound Smart 3D app.
*Not available in ReSound Enya products.

Isolate nanotech coating for reliability

Every ReSound custom hearing aid component is coated with iSolate nanotech inside and out to repel water, dust and corrosive substances such as cerumen and sweat.

A unique and comprehensive custom lineup

The ReSound custom product lineup has many different models to choose from, including the industry’s only Mic-in-Helix (MIH) design. Offered in a variety of colours, our custom styles feature a variety of designs and power options, in addition to wireless enhancements, ear-to-ear communication and synchronised controls in ITEs and MIH.

Advantages of Mic-in-Helix

  • Better sound localization
  • Increased speech recognition
  • Wind noise reduction

ReSound Smart 3D App

Allows patients to personalize their hearing experience by adjusting volume, bass, middle and treble frequencies on the go, save favorite settings, find misplaced hearing aids, control ReSound wireless accessories and much more.

ReSound Control App

Gives you patients remote control of volume and program change so they don’t have to fiddle with their hearing aids while they are wearing them*.

*ReSound Phone Clip+ is needed to use the ReSound Control app

Control App Logo

ReSound Relief App

Although there is no cure for tinnitus, it can be managed with counseling and the use of sound therapy. ReSound Relief is a multisensory app that combines a variety of sounds that include customizable and dynamic soundscapes, guided relaxation exercises and the ability to import sounds.

ReSound Relief App Logo

Wireless accessories

Stream virtually any sound

ReSound wireless accessories enable your clients to stream from virtually any sound source. The ReSound Micro Mic and Multi Mic are easy to use, deliver unsurpassed signal-to-noise ratio and will help your clients hear every word - at over 80 feet.

At home, the ReSound TV Streamer 2 helps your clients watch TV with their family at a volume that’s comfortable for everyone. And they can pair any Bluetooth-enabled phone with the ReSound Phone Clip+ to stream crystal-clear calls and music directly to their hearing aids.