Smart Hearing

ReSound Smart Hearing is changing the way we think about hearing health. We believe that driving innovation can change what is truly possible for people with hearing loss, and we are continually pushing the limits of what we can achieve.

The ReSound Smart Hearing experience is built on a comprehensive product portfolio connected to the people and world around us by ReSound’s proven 2.4 GHz technology, providing an effortless hearing experience. The superior sound quality and direct connectivity of ReSound Smart Hearing aids  empower users to take control of their hearing health in a discreet way.

Learn more by downloading information on why our evidence-based strategy for hearing aid directionality and why our speech intelligibility and noise reduction are are best-in-class. 

Smart Audiology

The relationship between a patient and their hearing care professional is at the foundation of our commitment to Smart Hearing. With this in mind, we focus on creating more efficient, customizable tools for the hearing care professional so that they can provide a better sound experience for their patients. These innovations can optimize real world outcomes by maximizing the potential of ReSound Smart Hearing in noisy situations, enhancing speech understanding and localization abilities via Surround Sound by ReSound.

Smart Design

We push the boundaries for what is possible in terms of modern form, user comfort, flexible function and increased durability. That’s our commitment to smart design.

Smart Connectivity 

Smart connectivity means helping patients stream the sound that matters to them. With Made for Apple® and ReSound wireless accessories, we can, in some cases, even give them hearing advantages over people without hearing loss. 

Smart Apps

Apps adapt to us. They make technology human, and belong in our private sphere. So we think there is no better use for an app than to simply and intuitively interact with the hearing aid responsible to enhance one our most fundamental senses – our hearing.

Always Looking Toward the Future

The next chapter in ReSound Smart Hearing will create an unprecedented experience driven by the 5th generation of 2.4GHz connectivity. ReSound Smart Hearing empowers patients to play an active role in creating an effortless, intuitive, and discreet hearing experience to support their lifestyle, on their terms, regardless of their listening environment.
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