Extend your patients' hearing experience

The ReSound Micro Mic and ReSound Multi Mic are discreet clip-on microphones that increase signal-to-noise ratio so your patients can understand speech in challenging listening environments.

ReSound Micro Mic

Significantly improves signal-to-noise ratio in noisy situations for exceptional speech understanding. It extends your patients' hearing range by more than 80 feet in clear line of sight.
Clothing clip rotates 360˚ for optimal voice pick-up. 

Get the wearer's voice streamed directly to your patient's hearing aids.

Adjust the volume and mute/unmute the streamed sound.

ReSound Multi Mic

Provides the same great benefits as the ReSound Micro Mic, doubles as a table microphone, connects with loop and FM systems, and has a mini-jack input to make your patients' hearing aids work like wireless stereo headphones and stream sound from virtually any sound source. 
Place it on the table and hear what people around the Multi Mic have to say.

Switch between microphone, mini-jack input, FM, and loop systems at the push of a button. 

Place it in front of a speaker and it will stream sound directly to the hearing aids.

Want this technology for your patients? 

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