Remote Controls

Change programs and adjust volume easily and discreetly

Easy control

With the ReSound Remote Control and Remote Control 2, your patients will be able to choose the best-suited program for any given situation. They can easily change programs and adjust the volume of their hearing aids.
hearing aids wireless remote control

Getting started is easy

The ReSound Remote Control and Remote Control 2 are easy to set up and pair with your patient's ReSound hearing aids.

You can pair directly through the ReSound Smart Fit fitting software or simply (1) open the battery door or put your rechargeable hearing instruments in the charger, (2) press the pairing button on the ReSound Remote Control or Remote Control 2, and (3) close the battery doors or remove your hearing instruments from the charger.

You will hear a series of beeps in the hearing aids that confirms that the patient is successfully paired.

Set-up guide

See just how easy it is to set up the new ReSound Remote Control 2.

Learn more

Usage guide

See how simple it is to use the new ReSound Remote Control 2.

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What others say about the ReSound Remote Controls

“I knew that I wanted the Remote Control, because, for me, it would be awkward to reach behind my ear to control the volume. Most of my job is training in a classroom setting, and I can unobtrusively control the volume. When I’m in a business meeting, I put it on the ‘restaurant’ setting, to control the noise. I also like the ability to control the volume in one ear, especially when I’m driving and have the window open.”
(Patient, Male, New User)

“I do rely on the Remote quite a bit; at this point, I don’t want to do without it.” (Patient, Male)

“I use my Remote Control to adjust volume. Sometimes, there are people that you can barely hear, while other times some talk too loud.”
(Patient, Female, New User)

“My Remote offers me the ability to change to different modes, which I can’t do on my hearing aid.”
(Patient, Male)

“It’s an advantage to adjust the TV from your chair.”
(Hearing Care Professional, Iowa)

“It’s sleek, slim, and small…It can’t get smaller.”
(Hearing Care Professional, Texas)

“Size was important, because I wanted it to fit in my cargo pants…in a different pocket than my keys and coins, so it wouldn’t get scratched.” (Patient, Male, New User) 

hearing aids remote control


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