ReSound TV Streamer 2

Crystal clear stereo sound streamed directly to your ears from up to 23 feet away.

Get the best out of life

If you already have hearing aids, it may be time to see if the latest hearing aid technology can offer you a significantly better quality of life. A first-time hearing consultation usually takes less than an hour. It’s free, quick and straightforward, and you’re very welcome to bring a friend or family member.

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Real-life Benefits

Need to choose between watching TV alone or not being able to hear when the family watches it? Turn up the volume to your hearing aids independently of the volume everyone else hears.
Have troubles hearing the conversation when the TV is on? With the Remote Control 2 or Control™ app, it’s possible to make on-the-spot adjustment of the volume of the TV program and the volume of the hearing instruments independently.
Can’t hear the phone while watching TV? If your customer has the Phone Clip+ a telephone call will override the TV so they can decide to answer or reject the call.

Have a newer digital TV or an elderly analog model? It doesn’t matter – the TV Streamer 2 is compatible with all TV models.

Getting started is easy

ReSound wireless accessories are very easy to pair. You can do it within Aventa fitting software, or simply (1) open the battery doors, (2) press the pairing button on the Micro Mic or Multi Mic, and (3) close the battery doors within 20 seconds. You will hear a melody in the hearing aids that tells you they are successfully paired.

Once paired, your customer simply needs to take the TV Streamer 2 home and plug it into the wall socket and into their TV (or other audio device). When they put their hearing aids in streaming mode (use the hearing aid push button or Remote Control), it will stream sound directly to their hearing aids from up to seven meters away. If they move out of range and lose connection, it will reconnect automatically if they return within five minutes.

Setting up a ReSound TV Streamer 2

See just how easy it is to set up the new ReSound TV Streamer 2.

Using the ReSound TV Streamer 2

See how simple it is to use the new ReSound TV Streamer 2.

What others are saying about the TV Streamer 2

My favorite is the TV[Streamer 2], because I’ve always had to use closed-caption. Now, I can hear everything said, and sung…I can actually make dinner in the kitchen, and hear the TV! Friends who don’t like closed-caption didn’t invite me to Movie Nights. Now, I can host them at my place!”
(Consumer, Female, Employed)

“I had a very hard time understanding TV, even with a hearing aid. And, everyone complained that the TV was too loud. Now, my wife can mute the TV, and I can still hear it.”
(Consumer, Male, Employed)

“It wasn’t hard at all, and I’m not very good with electronics! You just plug it in to the color-coded plugs on the TV.”
(Consumer, Female, Retired)

“If I take my garbage to the curb, I lose my connection. But, if I’m back within 3 – 5 minutes, it automatically reconnects…and if my cell phone rings, it clicks off from the TV to the Phone Clip. Once I hang up the phone, it goes back to the TV mode”
(Consumer, USA)

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