ReSound Relief for tinnitus management

Anyone with tinnitus can benefit from the ReSound Relief™ app as part of a tinnitus management program. It offers a combination of sound therapy and relaxing exercises that aim to distract your patients from focusing on their tinnitus.

Download the ReSound Relief Reference Guide


Empowered with relief from tinnitus

Your patients can play soundscapes and audio exercises, balance the sounds between their right and left ears,
or turn on the timer so they can fall asleep to soothing sounds.

Customize sounds

Your patients can create their own soundscape by layering up to five sounds.

Coping with your tinnitus

Good tinnitus management goes beyond just sound therapy. Through engaging activities and comprehensive tips, ReSound Relief will engage and educate your patients, helping them understand and manage their tinnitus better.

Track progress

Your patients can keep track of how they use the app for their own benefit or for discussions with you at their next consultation.

Manage tinnitus and hearing loss

Approximately 80% of people with tinnitus also have a hearing loss. ReSound hearing aids with tinnitus therapy – in addition to treating hearing loss – have sound therapy built directly into the hearing aids to support your patients’ tinnitus treatment plan. The sound therapy is also adjusted to compensate for their hearing loss. Learn more about ReSound LiNX 3D and ReSound ENZO 3D.

Devices that work with the ReSound Relief app

Anyone can use this app on their smart phone.

If your patients have a hearing loss, they can stream the tinnitus relief audio to their wireless hearing aids.

Download from the App Store® for iOS devices and Google Play™ for Android™ mobile devices.


Support videos and other documents are available in our support section.
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