Satisfy more patients with Smart Hearing

Proven to deliver up to 30% better speech intelligibility and more accurate noise reduction

The full ReSound LiNX²™ family of RIE, BTE and custom designs now includes the world's only Mini BTE to feature Made for Apple® and telecoil. ReSound LiNX² has direct wireless connectivity and is compatible our innovative ReSound Smart™ app to bring your patients the ultimate personalized hearing experience.

Source: Moeller & Jespersen, 2013 & Soerensen & Jespersen, 2015

Give your patients a vivid sense of space and speech

Since 2007, ReSound has applied directionality in a unique way that opens up sound and avoids "tunnel hearing." With Binaural Directionality II with Spatial Sense, your patients can experience up to 30% better speech intelligibility than other premium hearing aids on the market* along with a vivid sense of where sounds are coming from. 

*Source: Moeller & Jespersen, 2013


The latest version of
Surround Sound
by ReSound


Binaural Directionality™ II with Spatial Sense™
By continually, exchanging data about the sound environment, two hearing aids dynamically optimize directionality settings in all listening environments.  Pinna restoration and binaural compression enable the preservation of the spatial cues needed to detect where sounds are coming from. And as background noise levels rise, your clients can zoom in on the sounds they are interested in without losing the sense of what is going on around them.

Binaural Environmental Optimizer™ II
The hearing aids work together to analyze and accurately classify the listening environment, automatically adjusting gain and noise reduction settings. Your clients can enjoy optimal audibility and listening comfort even when moving through rapidly changing sound environments.

Noise Tracker™ II

A unique spectral subtraction technology reduces unwanted noise without degrading the speech signal. This improves your clients’ comfort in noisy listening situations without compromising speech understanding.

Sound Shaper™
High-frequency sounds that are not audible due to high-frequency losses or cochlear dead regions are moved down in the frequency spectrum. A proportional relationship between input and output frequencies is maintained to minimize distortion. As a result, your clients can hear speech cues that would otherwise have been lost, while sound quality remains a high as possible.

DFS Ultra™ II with Music Mode™
The superior precision and scaling of DFS Ultra II enables its adaptive filter to cancel feedback accurately. Music Mode analyses sound input over time to distinguish true feedback from other tonal sounds. As a result, your clients enjoy better audibility that preserves all the nuances of sound even in complex listening situations. And in music mode, they can enjoy a rich, distortion-free music experience.

Tinnitus Tuner and Nature Sounds™
During a personalized fitting, your clients can choose from tinnitus therapy sounds, new Nature Sounds, or their preferred sound streamed directly to their hearing aids. And now, with the help the ReSound Smart™ and ReSound Relief™ apps, you can empower your clients with more options for managing their tinnitus with a wide range of soothing background sounds.

Introducing the world’s only
mini BTE with Made for Apple®

Choose from an award-winning family

Expand your patient base with a complete line-up of BTE, RIE and custom designs, power options, and wireless enhancements – including Made for Apple® connectivity in ITE styles.

The sleek, 13 battery RIE fits more than 90% of all hearing losses.

New SureFit thin tubes, receivers, and domes

SureFit is a new, smaller receiver system that includes four power levels with improved performance. The receiver locking system is secure and easy to lock. And SureFit delivers a higher maximum output, better audiological fit, and lower distortion.

Engineered for usability, comfort, and durability

The battery door design has been improved, and On/Off/Open operation has been optimized for functionality and long term stability. Push buttons and volume controls/multifunction switches have been designed for ease of operation and good tactile feedback.

iSolate nanotech coating for every component

All components, including receivers and domes, are coated with iSolate nanotech to repel water, dust, and corrosive substances such as earwax and sweat.

ReSound LiNX² 9

ReSound LiNX² 9 is our flagship premium hearing aid, ideal for your patients with an active lifestyle that takes them into challenging listening environments.
ReSound LiNX² 9 includes every 2.4 GHz ear-to-ear technology, Made for Apple® connectivity, access to advanced sound enhancement features on the ReSound Smart app, and all the latest smart spatial features that deliver the effortless Surround Sound by ReSound hearing experience.

ReSound LiNX² 7

ReSound LiNX² 7 is a premium hearing aid for your patients who spend significant amounts of time in moderate listening environments. It delivers comprehensive ear-to-ear communication benefits, Made for Apple® connectivity, and smart ReSound technologies for spatial awareness and effortless speech recognition in complex listening situations.

ReSound LiNX² 5

ReSound LiNX² 5 is an advanced hearing aid ideal for your patients who are sociable, but are mostly active in less noisy environments. ReSound LiNX² 5 includes essential 2.4 GHz wireless benefits such as ear-to-ear communication and Made for Apple® connectivity alongside smart ReSound technologies for effortless hearing.

Help your patients connect,
interact and engage effortlessly

4th generation 2.4 GHz wireless technology allows your patients to enjoy advanced binaural audiological features,
a personalized hearing experience with ReSound apps and streamed stereo sound directly to their hearing aids.

Direct stereo streaming with Made for Apple® - without a neck-worn streamer

The complete family of ReSound LiNX² RIEs, and BTEs as well as the ITC, ITE and MIH custom designs, are Made for Apple® hearing aids. Paired with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, they work like wireless stereo headphones for streaming calls, music, audiobooks and much more.

Pair with any Bluetooth-enabled phone

Use the ReSound Phone Clip+ to connect ReSound LiNX² to a Bluetooth phone for hands-free phone calls, or for streaming stereo audio. The Phone Clip+ also functions as a remote control for easy volume and program control.

Hear more with ReSound wireless accessories

Your patients can stream stereo sound from a TV, music system or computer directly to ReSound LiNX² with the ReSound TV Streamer 2. And with the ReSound Micro Mic and Multi Mic your patients can hear every word, even if the microphone wearer is more than 80 feet away and noise levels are high.

ReSound Smart app with sound enhancer features

Enables your patients to adjust volume, treble and bass on the go, save favorite programs that they can activate when they want, find misplaced hearing aids, control their ReSound streaming devices, and much more. All without having to touch – and draw attention to – their hearing aids. And the latest ReSound Smart app includes three new advanced features exclusive to ReSound LiNX². Available for iOS devices and selected Android smart phones.


Reduce discomfort from intrusive noise levels in busy sound environments.

Imagine the focus of your attention as a beam that you project forwards. Speech focus enables the ReSound LiNX2 wearer to adjust the width of this beam to zoom in on a speaker.

Reduce the amount of intrusive wind noise on a windy day for maximum listening comfort – with minimum effort.

ReSound Control app

With a ReSound Phone Clip+ your patients can control volume and program changes for their iOS or Android phone.

Built-in tinnitus management

Help them find

If your patients have tinnitus, you can spend some time during consultations on exploring the built-in sound generators and six different nature-inspired sounds to find the settings that bring them the most relief.

Tinnitus tuner

ReSound LiNX² wearers can use the tuner on the ReSound Smart app to control the pitch and modulation of the sound and create the sound therapy that works best for them.

Nature sounds

Your patients can choose from six pre-installed nature-inspired sounds, including ‘Shoreline’ and ‘Beach Surf’, with the ReSound Smart app to find out which one brings the most relief from their tinnitus.

The vicious cycle

When tinnitus prompts negative feelings, it can cause a reaction that makes it difficult to ignore, and a vicious cycle begins. The aim of tinnitus therapy is to break this vicious cycle.

Counsel your patients

Our extensive Tinnitus Management Package supports you in your tinnitus practice by helping your patients understand how to manage their tinnitus.


Videos and other support documents are available in our Support section.
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