Smart управление и персонализация с мобильным приложением ReSound Smart

Если Ваши клиенты являются пользователями слуховых аппаратов семейства ReSound Smart Слух, приложение ReSound Smart™ позволит им персонализировать настройки их устройств в соответствии с их потребностями и предпочтениями. Приложение совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch, а также с Samsung Galaxy S5 на базе ОС Android.

One tap is all it takes

The Smart app is very easy to use and fast to navigate and learn. 

Your clients can activate or control all the key functions from the main screen of the app. With one touch. 

And your clients can also access the more advanced Sound Enhancer features with one tap on the main screen.

Easy onboarding to

Smart Hearing aids

The first time your clients use the app, simple on-screen instructions walk them through the basic hearing aid features.  As they adapt to their hearing aids, the app continues to send them tips, adjusting to their hearing and preferences over the first week.

New and less experienced users receive motivational tips to encourage them to wear their hearing aids longer and adopt better hearing behaviours.  This information is particularly helpful during the initial adaptation period after the fitting.

Experienced users receive functional tips to help them get the most out of their new hearing aids for a better hearing experience.  

Soothing relief from tinnitus

The soothing background sounds in the ReSound Relief app can now be controlled separately from the hearing aid microphone, so you can easily adjust the volume of a wide range of white noise and nature sounds.